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VOLUME (b) DECEMBER 2002 Andy Tant, The Choice is Yours

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VOLUME (b) DECEMBER 2002 Andy Tant, The Choice is Yours
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December 6, 2002


I have been praying for Mack. It will be at least a few weeks before his disciplinary hearing will be completed and he will, if found guilty, be given his punishment.

He will not be taken to an outside court, as he did not break any of New York State's laws. He has, however, been charged with violating various prison rules.

There's a difference between breaking the law and facing charges in a town or state court, and with breaking prison rules and thus having to face diciplinary penalties which must be meted out by the prison's administration.

By breaking various prison rules, Mack can be confined to his cell, or he could lose various privileges for a specified period of time.

In Mack's case, because his charges are considered extra serious, as I mention in my journal entries for yesterday and the day before, he was immediately escorted to "The Box" in handcuffs.

I pray that he makes out okay. He can handle is punishment, I know But he needs more than cell confinement to straighten him out. Mack needs a new heart and a new life which only Jesus Christ can give.

As I recall the day, many months ago, when Mack blurted out, "Dave, is life worth living?" I could see that he was feeling down and was probably going through a time of introspection.

I felt good when he asked this because to me it meant that he had been giving some thought to his situation, and maybe to what I had been telling him about Christ.

David Berkowitz

December 8, 2002


It would take an entire chapter in a book to tell this story. But six years ago, on this day, a kind, loving and brilliant young man left this earth. His name was Andy Tant, and while he was here he impacted my life in a good way.

Andy was filled with the Spirit of God, and with a level of godly wisdom that I have never seen equaled in a boy who was only sixteen when he suddenly stepped into eternity.

Back in 1993 I became friends with this young man. His parents are devout Christians, and Andy was to become the editor of his middle school mewspaper. He heared my testimony and it inspired him.

We exchanged a few letters. We spoke over the telephone. I found it hard to believe that Andy was only in his early teens. He was mature beyone his years.

His level of spiritual insight was exceptional. He was active in ministry, such as reaching out to the homeless in nearby Nashville.

It was Andy whom God used to encourage me to share my story with his classmates. He gave me the the inspiration to begin reaching out to young persons.

Andy shared my story with his school, both with the students and staff. It went over so well that I knew that his generation was indeed receptive to what I had to say.

And the on December 8, 1996, on a lonely country road, my little friend died in a car crash. I was stunned and saddened.

But today Andy's voice continues to resound in my ears: "Go reach them, David. Tell them your story of hope. Bring some light to my generation."

With God's help, I will do so.

David Berkowitz

December 9, 2002


The first video I did with the hope of helping young persons to make good choices is called The Choice Is Yours. It was produced by Gospel Films, now know as Gospel Communications International. Their office is located in Muskegon, Michigan.

This video was born out of grief, pain and loss. It was released in 1997 in dedication to Andy Tant, the young man I spoke about in yesterdays' Journal.

Andy was a beacon of hope and a flaming torch for God. And I believe that he has passed on his torch to me to carry it forward.

As I mentioned in my previous day's journal entry, young Andy died in a head-on collision while he was driving on a Tennessee road on December 8, 1996.

On this December day his work on earth was complete. His parents, whom I am still in touch with, continue to grieve. I can sense their pain when they write their letters. I know they struggle with terrible loss, but their faith in God is strong.

I pray for Andy's parents and I try to encourage them when I write. They don't write to me as much as they used to. Their letters are becoming few and far between. But this is okay because I believe they want to move on. Nevertheless, they know how much I love them and how much I miss their son. And I am still carrying his torch.

One day I will see Andy Tant in heaven. He's going to get a big hug from me.

David Berkowitz

December 13, 2002


Here in the Catskill Mountains it is a bitterly cold and snowy day. I have been watching a freezing mist of white drift down from the heavens.

Outside my litle window I can see that everything is covered with ice and snow. I'm thankful to be indoors where it's warm.

I don't see how the apostle Paul survived all those times in a frigid dungeon. It must've been like living inside a refrigerator. Yet the Lord was with him.

I have an easy life when compared to Paul and the many other precious saints who, down through the centuries, have suffered so much for the gospel.

They loved people enough to risk their own lives to spread the good news about Jesus the Messiah. That He came to earth in the form of a man to die for our sins. Then to be raised from the tomb three days later as a triumph over sin and death.

When I consider the suffering other Christians have undergone, even risking their lives to tell the story of God's love, who am I to complain when I too must suffer, yet on a much smaller scale? My trials are miniscule when compared to theirs.

David Berkowitz



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