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The Law Requires Parole Hearings at Certain Pre-Set Dates For All Inmates.

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A Statement of Facts

The Law Requires Parole Hearings at Certain Pre-Set Dates For All Inmates. 


Hon. George E. Pataki

Governor, State of New York

State Capitol

Albany, NY  12224                   March 25, 2002




     Re:  Matter of Parole



Dear Governor Pataki,


     I am writing to you with regards to my parole hearing which is scheduled for June 2002.


     Sir, I am so sorry for the pain, grief and suffering I have caused many innocent people by my criminal acts of some twenty-five years ago.


    I am haunted by my actions and I would do anything to undo this tragedy.  I know that I have failed and disappointed  my loving family, and I disgraced myself for the rest of my life.


     However today, because of Jesus Christ and my faith in Him, I am trying my best to make amends to society in any way that I can.  I am thankful for whatever opportunities which come my way to do this.


     Also, as you know, last month, there was a burst of media coverage concerning this hearing.  Unfortunately, no one from the media had asked for my opinion about the matter.


     And so with all due respect to you and to New York State's citizens, and with respect to the families who lost a loved one, and to those who were seriously wounded. I wish to share my thoughts about parole.  I believe this will help to ease your concern and theirs.


     I am disappointed that there is even going to be a parole hearing.  I know that the sentencing laws require a hearing to be held in June, a date which was set twenty-five years ago.  But the fact is, I have absolutely no interest in parole.


     I have done nothing whatever to try to obtain parole.  For example, I have never asked anyone be they a friend or minister, to write a letter of support in my behalf.  Likewise I have never asked any prison officials to write letters to recommend me for release.  I do not believe in doing such things.  Frankly, I can give you no good reason why I should even be considered for parole.  I can, however, give you many reasons why I should not be.  The loss of six lives and the wounding of even more are reasons enough for the latter.


     In all honesty, I believe that I deserve to be in prison for the rest of my life.  I have, with God's help, long ago come to terms with my situation and I have accepted my punishment.  God has given me peace about this.  My faith has helped to put the past behind me, and to always pray for those I have hurt, and for those who are still greiving till this very day.


     Sir, it is so tragic and regrettable that the families of my victims have to go through more suffering.  Right now they're filled with anger, anxiety and pain because they think I am trying hard to get out of prison.  But this is simply not true.


     Governor Pataki, these people have nothing to worry about.  For, if and when I go to this hearing, it will only be to show respect to the parole board, to apologize and take responsibility for my criminal actions, and to basically tell them what I am now telling you---that I do not deserve parole.


     Thank you, your honor, for taking the time to read my letter.  I hope it has brought some clarity to the matter.  I pray dearly that those families will be able to have some peace and closure very soon.





                                David Berkowitz



Sent to the Governor's office via Certified Mail/Return Reciept on 27 March 2002


the content of this letter is the property of the person to whom it is addressed  

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