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APRIL 21, 2004 Columbine Anniversary

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A Statement of Facts

Fifth Anniversary of Columbine High School Shooting 

     Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting rampage which left fifteen people dead, mostly teenagers.  Both

young gunmen died as well as an heroic teacher who lost his life trying to protect his students. 


     This tragedy, I believe, was mostly about unchecked anger, seething rage, and increasing hostility in the minds and hearts of two very

troubled teenagers.


    Everyone from the parents of the killers (who are no doubt still suffering terribly), to the friends, neighbors and classmates of these

men missed all the classic warning signs of impending violence.  In retrospect some did see a few of the signs, but they either did not do

anything about it or they ignorantly thought that somehow everything would simply turn out okay.


     As a Christian, and as a man who was once similarly troubled when I was younger, I cannot help but think if there was some way to have

reached those two kids before they undertook their murderous acts.


     The insidious poisons that slowly seeped into their minds over time however, from the websites that proclaim the diabolical teachings of

Adolf Hitler (they were fascinated by Hitler and carried out the killings on his birthday), to the violent movies and video games they were

addicted to certainly fueled their inner rage.  What ever messages they received from Hitler's writings or from those movies and games, apparently served to justify within themselves what they were about to embark upon.


     Ultimately these two young men would unsettle our nation for many years to come.  They would also leave behind hundreds of grieving family members and friends of those who died.


     And, ironically, they would also serve to "jump-start" a spiritual revolution that would sweep across America when people everywhere whose hearts were torn by this tragedy, would begin to pray for the healing of our land, andover the loss of innocent lives.


     Furthermore, shortly after the rampage, the parents of murder victim Rachel Joy Scott would find and publish their daughter's diary and

personal writings.


     Rachel's writings have since touched the hearts of multitudes in unique ways as she, althought no longer on this earth, wrote extensively about topics like forgiveness, faith, hope, and showing kindness to people.


     Of course I do not have all the answers as to how to prevent such similar tragedies in the future.  But I must do my part, however small,

to reach as many young persons as I can with a message of hope, as there are many of them who are very angry right now.  For them this world makes no sense, and seems to have little meaning.


David Berkowitz

April 21, 2004


(c) 2004 David Berkowitz


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