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A Statement of Facts

David wrote this sermon in his prison cell, and it was read aloud by a preacher in a New York Church.  Truly the Lord can use a man to spread the Gospel far and wide, even when that man is confined to a prison.  The Holy Spirit and the Name of Jesus are not confined, and can penetrate every prison wall with Jesus' divine Love!! 

Friend, in the Book of Revelation, Jesus Christ refers to Himself as the "Bright and Morning Star."  Yes, these terms fit Him.  For Jesus can brighten up your life and give you a new

beginning and a fresh start.  For just as there is a new day with every sunrise, there's a new beginning for every person who comes to the Son, and His Name is Jesus.


Becoming a Christian, however, doesn't mean that your problems will go away.  They won't.  In fact, sometimes after you become a Chrisian, some situations may actually get worse.


You see, your faith is going to be tested.  Satan is going to launch very fierce attacks against you and your loved ones because you have decided to turn your back on the devil. 

You're making the decision to turn away from your sins, and turn to Jesus Christ.


But the best part is that, once you desire to turn from your sins and place your faith in Jesus, He will immediately come to

dwell in your heart. And the Holy Spirit (God's Spirit) will

Now make Himself available to you to strengthen you and guide  your life.  You will begin to have a personal relationship with God as your Heavenly Father.


Now tell me, how many people have walked out of your life?

Have you been abandoned by others?  Have people turned their backs on you?  Well Jesus Christ will never abandon you.  He

will never leave you to struggle by yourself.


Instead, Jesus will forgive your sins and wash them away with His blood that was shed on the cross of Calvary.  He will live in you and be with you each and every day to give you peace,

even in the midst of your storms.


Yes, the Lord Jesus will be with you through sickness, family problems, unpaid bills, hunger, homelessness, and all kinds of struggles.  For these things will no longer be your problems.

They will become God's problems.  Why? Because God has promised to take care of you.


So come to Jesus.  Tell Him that you're sorry for your sins. 

That you  no longer wish to remain in bondage to sin or live in sin, always having it rule over your life.  Instead you want to be freed from sin's power and its everlasting penalty, which is

eternity in the Lake of Fire.


Friend, I am certain it is no accident that you're reading this message right now.  For God is giving you the chance to make

things right with Him.  So don't be ashamed to call upon Him.


The Lord will not reject you.  He did not reject me when I came to Him.  I was once a killer and a demon possessed madman.  At one time I lived in total bondage to Satan.  I was his slave. 

He owned my mind, body, and soul.


In my ignorance and rebellion against God I chose to be a criminal.  I deeply regret this.  I am sorry for my crimes, and for all the evil things I did in the past.  I would give my own

life if I could take all those bad deeds back and restore the lives I ended by using a gun.


By God's grace, I repented of my sins and turned from them.  In my despair and desperation I cried out to Jesus.  I prayed to Him while on my knees in a cold prison cell.  And He heard me! 

God listened to my words.  He did not reject me.  I was not turned away.


Jesus Christ did not say to me, "David, you're a terrible criminal and murderer.  You are beyond hope.  You're scum.  You're a worthless person, and I hate you.  Go away from my  presence, forever!"


No!  Instead Jesus came to me.  He told me that He loves me.  He touched my life.  I was like the man in the Bible who was infected with deadly, highly contageous leprosy. 

No one would go near him.  But Jesus put His Arms around this broken man. The Lord was not afraid or ashamed to touch him.  And He did

the same for me.


Jesus said to my spirit, "David, I have forgiven you.  My Blood

is fully capable of washing away every evil act you've ever

done.  Your sins are before my face no more.  I have cast them away as for as the east is from the west, never to hold them against you anymore.  You're My child now."


Friend, I believe this with all my heart.  It took awhile to accept the fact that God truly loved and forgave me.  But now, as my faith and knowledge of the Lord and His word has grown, I

know this to be absolutely true.


The Lord Jesus said in His own words: "All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out" (John 6:37).


So, today, I assure you, that there's hope for you, too.  There is forgiveness.  There is mercy.


Even now Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart. He is calling out your name in the most gentle and tender voice you could ever imagine.


 Do you  hear Jesus quietly calling to you now?


"Frank, open the door of your heart.  Let me in.  I want to be your Saviour.


"Jose, Tony, Tyrone, John, I love you and I'm outside knocking. 

How much longer will you remain entangled in lust and other sins?  Here is your chance to get free.


"William, I can help you to become the husband and father you have always tried but failed to be.  Please lay aside your pride and self-sufficiency and allow Me to become the Lord of your life."


"Barbara, Janet, Joanne, Tanya, Paula, Lucy----Here I am.  I am

your Bright and Morning Star.  I have been outside of your lives all these years knocking, calling out your names,

waiting, trying to get your attention.  I am your True Lover. 

I am the source of True Joy.  I can quiet your minds and give

each of you the peace you long for.  So please open the door

and let Me in.


"Maria, I can free you from drug addiction.  Tasha, I will help

care for your children.  You don't have to raise them alone and in your own strength.  Call upon Me.  Trust in Me".


"I Am the God who loves and forgives drug addicts, criminals and failures.  I can lift the heavy chains of guilt and break them.


"I free slaves.  I redeem those who are enslaved by sin, but

who confess those sins to Me.  For I am the One who loves you,

and I want to have a deep and personal relationship with you

that will last forever.


"If you believe with your heart that I, Jesus, am Lord, and

that God the Father has raised me from the dead, and if you are

not ashamed to confess this with your mouth, you shall be

saved.*  You will experience my forgiveness.  You may not fully

understand all that is happening at this moment, but I will set

you on a new course. And you will be ready in these uncertain

times to meet with God.


"Beloved one, I will be your Savior, forever.  And you will be

mine, fiorever.


"Even now, as you go along in life, I will always be a refuge

for you.  As Psalm 46:1 says, I will be your source of

strength, and a very present help in your times of trouble.


"Receive Me now."


"But as many as received Him to them gave He the power to

become the sons of God, even to them that belileve on His Name.

(John 1:12).


May God touch and bless everyone who reads this message

Thank you.


                                 With Love,

                                 David Berkowitz


*Romans 10:9-13

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