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APRIL 19, 2004 light afflictions

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A Statement of Facts


     Earlier this evening I went to service in the chapel. 

     The minister who visited us from the outside surprised me by calling me up to the pulpit.  He then told me to give the sermon.  I joked with him

and said,  "Thanks for the warning."


     But it so happened that I did have a message to share with the congregation.  So I spoke for about 20-25 minutes on what I had been reading from the Bible this morning.


     I read to everyone most of Second Corinthians chapter four.  My emphasis, however, was on the seventh verse.  That the Lord has chosen to

place His treasure, the Holy Spirit, in each of us who have placed our faith in Jesus Christ.


     I spoke too about our "light afflictions" and how they work for us a far better and eternal reward in glory.  That the rewards for our

faithful service to Christ, and for having to endure many trials and persecutions which come our way in this life, will have tremendous reward

in heaven.


     I then explained in depth how God wants us, as Christians, to have the salt and light of Jesus while we're in this earth.  I said that non-Christians are watching our lives, and they want to see how we handle life's trials and difficultiles.  For how we endure our daily struggles helps to prove the reality of our faith.


     When non-Christians see us living lives of peace, joy and inner tranquility, this lets them know there is hope in Jesus.


     Yet, on the other hand, if they see us falling apart emotionally when we're going through tough times, and they see us becoming

discouraged and even bitter, they will in turn make their personal judgement that there's really nothing to Christianity after all.


     If there is a God, some of them may reason within themselves, then He is not a loving being who cares about His children.


     I also reminded the congregation that God has chosen to place our lives on display.


     I said that, in a sense, all that people wll ever see of Jesus, will be what they see of Him in us.


     They will either see deep faith mingled with love and joy, or they will see doubt, fear and unbelief.  If they see the former, God may use

our steadfastness to draw others to Him forsalvation But when they see

the latter, these observers may draw the incorrect conclusion that we Christians serve a weak God, if there is actually any God at all.


     However, Jesus is genuine, and He wants us to be victorious because He will get the glory when we triumph over our trials.


     We can indeed be used by the Lord to demostrate to a society of people who are seeking meaning and purpose in life, that the divine power of Jesus Christ is real; it is living in us.


     I then concluded the message by assuring the brethren that in spite of our feeble flesh, God has chosen to place His treasure in us because

it's not really about us, it's all about Him.


David Berkowitz

April 19, 2004


(c) 2004 David Berkowitz


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