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A Statement of Facts


Now the just shall live by faith:

But if any man draw back, my soul

Shall have no pleasure in him.


                                       Hebrews 10:38

     With each passing day I am realizing more and more that this Christian life can be as painful as it is joyous.   That if we are to walk by faith, we must pass through circumstances that are difficult in order to mature our faith.


     Anyone could claim to have faith in God.  But only those who have been tried in the furnace of fierce testings and afflictions are qualified to make the claim that theirs is genuine.


     In Christianity -- let’s be honest—there are probably just as many failures as there are success stories.


     Yes, it is true.


     Many who have responded to the hearing of the gospel with “gladness” (Mark 4:16) eventually fall away from their profession of faith with persecution and hardship. (4:17)


     While others, after receiving the gospel, allow the “cares of this life” and the “deceitfulness of riches” to choke their faith and kill it.  (4:18-19)


     Finally, there are those who, over the process of time and through much affliction, bring forth a plentiful harvest of true spiritual fruit. (4:20)


     I spoke on this subject during today’s service.  I pleaded with the Lord not to allow me to ever give up no matter how hard things get.   Besides, what would be the point of quitting now?


Mark 4:3—20



 David Berkowitz

                                                                                        July 16, 2005



2005 David Berkowitz


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