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A Statement of Facts

My Testimony Goes to Armenia

 July 10, 2000


        The Lawlessness To Come…


     I believe that those who are left behind after the rapture will see a terrible religious war break out which will claim many lives.


     Revelation chapter 6 talks in part about the “peace being taken from the earth” so that men will begin to kill one another with their swords.


     “Peace” is really a gift from God, and while the world’s leaders and self-proclaimed peacemakers are not aware of this---it is the Holy Spirit who is restraining evil in the world and who is holding back the storms of judgment, not the United Nations and the politicians.


David Berkowitz


 August 20, 2000




     This week the Lord blessed me with a letter from a Christian brother, Jim, who lives in New Jersey.  He recently returned from a ten day missions trip to Armenia.  A team of about a dozen people from his church goes there each year.


     Jim visits me about twice a year.  I know that the next time he comes he will have many things to share about his trip.  While Jim and his team went overseas, my part was to pray for them as they traveled and ministered, and to pray for the nation of Armenia.


     The Lord also made a way for me to order Christian literature in the Armenian language, which they took over on the flight.  There was a case of Scripture booklets from World Missionary Press.  And there were 200 Chick “comic book” tracts in both Armenian and Russian, as well as both the SON OF HOPE and THE CHOICE IS YOURS videos.


     The Armenian pastor who hosts Jim and his ministry team has his own TV station.   He has a set-up where he takes American videos and translates them into his own language.


     I am always amazed at the ways the Lord makes for me to share what He has done in my life, even in far away lands.  Well, the Lord Jesus did say that, after we Christians receive His divine power from the Holy Spirit, that we will be witnesses for Jesus, even unto the “uttermost part of the earth”  (Acts1:8)


David Berkowitz


 September 3, 2000


      Lately I have been seeing so many spiritual victories. Yet I know that some big and ugly storms are directly ahead.   I am not exactly sure what form these storms will take.   But I do know that the Lord will be with me.  He will guide me through.


     Furthermore, when the next round of storms pass I will come out stronger in my faith.  It is all part of the refining process that we Christians must pass through as we move along life’s road in this sin filled world.


     The devil hates me.  If it were up to him I would never have a moment of rest.  However God loves me.  Jesus Christ has given my peace and rest as I continue to look towards Him and not look upon my circumstances.  “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”  (2 Corinthians 5:7)


David Berkowitz


 September 10, 2000


      The minister who came today was like a breath of fresh air to the body of Christ.  He talked about the need to make continuous intercessory prayers for those who are in authority here that they may come to know God and would allow themselves to be led by Him.


     He talked about the need for “pinpointed” prayer so that satanic strongholds of evil can be pulled down.  For in prison there are so many forces which oppose themselves and try to fight against the Spirit of Christ.


     Oftentimes there is such a highly intense level of negativity that tries to sabotage every effort by prison inmates to do good.   But what a victory it is when the good wins out and when Christian inmates persevere and conquer through prayer their spiritual territories.


     To see men who have been in spiritual bondage for most of their lives get set free emotionally and spiritually is a wonderful sight.



David Berkowitz

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