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London Terror

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A Statement of Facts

News From the Outside World



 And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars


Matthew 24:6a


In my opinion it was inevitable.  A group of terrorists launched a major series of attacks against the people of Great Britain.  It happened this morning, and by late this evening the reports are far from complete.


     But there were at least four bombings, three in the subway system and one on a tour bus.  Perhaps a few dozen people lost their lives.   The count of the dead may go up higher still.


     During this evening’s Bible class, however, the approximately twenty of us who were present all joined our hands together in a circle.   We prayed for those who were hurt by this tragedy.  We also asked God to bring comfort to the families of those who died.


     I know what the Scriptures tell me concerning the “end times.”  And because men wish to remove god from their minds, and be their own little Gods instead, it can only be expected that the conditions of this world cannot get better.  Men are in rebellion against their Creator.  They will not bow to Him;  they’re to proud to pray to a deity they cannot see with their eyes.


     Nevertheless, this sudden burst of terror bombings made me think of a letter I sent to a young man in Great Britain in December of last year.  (See my journal entry for December 8, 2004).


     In late 2004 I sensed that Great Britain may be facing some kind of danger.  So in my letter I told this man that in years past his nation brought forth into the world men and women who were champions of the Christian faith.  While today, however, England’s churches are losing members.  Its power has been diminished.  And in a land where the gospel was once preached with burning passion and holy fervor, all that is left are mere memories of those days.


David Berkowitz




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